Join the revolution, liberate your senses


At Beer Army we don’t back down from adversity we challenge it. We don’t subscribe to being told what we can and cannot do. We believe in mission accomplishment and for us, nothing is impossible. We are a company of beer enthusiasts believing there is more to our products than just ingredients. Our beer contains passion, zeal and integrity. What you hold in your hand has a soul with a story that you are now a part of. Join the revolution and liberate your senses because if you are drinking this, you are already in the Beer Army!

Our History

Beer Army, LLC was founded in 2008, cultivating consumer demand by hosting beer festivals and opening a craft beer bar and bottle shop. The Beer Army Combat Brewery TM went into full production with statewide distribution in August 2013. Driven to realize the American Dream, a dream that initially involved bringing craft beer to Eastern North Carolina and expanding, we are now expanding our portfolio of beers and extending our reach to consumers in multiple states. Our expanding line-up of core beers is available in 22 oz bottles and we intend to bring our 12 oz canning facility on line in 2Q`14. To meet growing demand for our products, we have several projects underway to scale up production and increase our beer line-up by introducing seasonal and specialty beers.

Dustin Canestorp

Founder and General

Certified Beer Judge, Home Brewer,
and Marine Corps Combat Veteran.

Jeff Brungard

Brewing Officer

Certified Beer Judge, Marine Corps Combat Veteran, award winning and avid Home Brewer. He has been recognized on both local and national levels for his craft beers. Jeff attended and received accreditation from, Chicago’s Siebel Institute and Munich’s Doemens Academy.